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Mark Bressler was  a marvelous person and an incredible talent.


He passed away July 28, 2010.


With no formal education in woodturning, learning had more to do with what each tool was for than with theory or even past artists history.  Attending The Center For Creative Studies in Detroit, majoring in photography, helped shape my woodturning career.  One of the very first things taught to students, regarding photography, is :  everything that appears in the viewfinder… does not have to be in the final print.  With practice and with a continual developing eye, one keeps the parts needed to convey your thoughts and feelings and eliminates the parts that are of no added value.  


I invite you to browse the following pages.  Time will tell whether all the energy spent will be viewed favorably.  While I am generously praised by many, I use it as encouragement to stretch my limits.  I am continually pushing myself.  I feel like I have just graduated from my schooling, and have a whole world to question…WHO WROTE THESE DAMN RULES????

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