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“My creativity evolves from a controlled sense of reckless abandon.


This allows my heart to sing and my soul to dance with the wood.”



Detroit, Michigan 9/20/51



Center for Creative Studies, Wayne State University, Photography Major, 1996

Arrowmont School of the Arts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, 1997, 1998



2005 “NICHE AWARD”, Best Turned and Carved Vessel, Buyers Market of American Craft, Rosen Group, Niche Magazine



del Mano Gallery

  -Los Angeles, California

Gallery Materia / Cervini Haas

  -Scottsdale, Arizona

Woodturning Center

  -Philadelphia, Penn.


Addison Museum of Art, Andover, Massachusetts

Museum of Art’s and Design, New York City, New York

University of Michigan, Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama

Sparta Teapot Museum, Sparta, North Carolina

Arrowmont School of the Arts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Brandeis University Permanent Collection, Simi Valley, California

Woodturning Center Permanent Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Robert Bohlen Collection, Detroit, Michigan 

Irving Lipton Collection, Los Angeles, California

Bernard Marcus Private Collection (Founder Home Depot)

Arnold Abelman Collection,Smyrna, Ga.

Randy Antik Collection, Dallas, Texas

Doug Ferguson Collection, Atlanta, Georgia

Emanuel Friedman Collection, Washington, DC.

Terry Moritz Collection, Chicago, Illinois

Nathan Newman, Auburn Alumni Wood Collectors, Auburn, Ala.

Al Selnik Collection, New York City, New York

Robert Warren Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Winston Lambert Collection, San Francisco, Ca

Numerous Other Private Collections



La Petite VII, 1997, Alder Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

La Petit VIII, 1998, Alder Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Aesthetics, 1998, Sandzen Gallery, Kansas City, Kansas

Spotlight, 1998, Southeast Regional Assembly of American Craft Council

Arrowmont School of the Arts

Materials Hard and Soft, 1999, Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, Texas

Works of Faith, 1999, Columbus Liturgical Council, Columbus, Ohio

La Petit VIII, 1998, Alder Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Spotlight, 2000, Regional Assembly of American Craft Council

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia

La Petit VIIII, 2000, Alder Gallery, Eugene, Oregon

Small Treasures 2006, del Mano Gallery

Selected Works 2007, del Mano Gallery

Selected works 2008, del Mano Gallery

Collectors of Wood Art, 2008



1997 Woodturning Magazine, Guild of the Master Craftsmen, Great Britain

1998 Atlanta Journal and Constitution

1999 Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio

2000 Woodturning Magazine, Guild of the Master Craftsmen, Great Britain

2000 Knoxville Metro Pulse, December, Knoxville, Tennessee

2000 Marietta Daily Journal, December, Marietta, Georgia

2000 Woodwork Magazine, August

2004 Nature Transformed: Wood Art of the Bohlen Collection

2004 The Artful Home, Guild.Com 

2005 Woodwork Magazine

2005 American Craft Magazine

2005 Shelter Magazine

2006 American Craft Magazine



2008 Sculptural Object Functional Art, del Mano Gallery

2008 Collectors of Wood Arts, Cirvini Haas Gallery and del Mano Gallery

2007 Philadelphia Museum of Art Show, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2007 Sculptural Objects Functional Art, Chicago, Il., Del Mano Gallery

2007 American Craft exposition, Evanston, Il.

2006 Washington Craft Show, Washington, DC.

2006 SOFA (sculptural objects and functional art) Chicago, del Mano Gallery

2006 Wood Masters, Zane Bennett Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2006 American Craft Council Shows, Baltimore, San Francisco

2005 American Craft Council Shows, Baltimore, Md.

2005 Southwest Design Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2005  SOFA (Sculpture Objects Functional Art), New York, del Mano Gallery

2005 Art Scottsdale (del Mano Gallery)

2003 Collectors of Wood Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2001 Collectors of Wood Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1998 Savannah Arts Festival Exhibitor and Demonstrator

1997 2004 American Craft Council Shows, 7 shows per year, various locations

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